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Blogs have become the best online promotional tools for business owners. WordPress easily gets integrated with Magento, the best ever e-commerce solution. If you are willing to leverage the benefits of WordPress for your e-commerce business, yWPress offers the best integration services.
Why WordPress-Magento Integration
The multiple WordPress blogs that are integrated with your online stores match the style and looks of different e-stores. This helps you boost the online branding efforts of multiple online stores.

The multiple WordPress blogs are compatible with different languages allowing you to market products to customers from different countries. We also offer regular WordPress Maintenance services for these multiple WordPress blogs.

By integrating a dynamic WordPress blog with your online store, you can benefit from WordPress CMS features. Magento as an e-commerce platform lacks in content management features. This limitation can be easily overcomes by this Integration.

Our WordPress Magento Integration Services
  • Lazzymonks WordPress Integration for integrating a blog into your online store
  • Installing the Magento WordPress Integration plug-in, also known as Wordgento
  • Two-way integration, i.e. Magento into WordPress and WordPress into Magento
  • Continuous technical support & troubleshooting
  • Custom themes and templates for WordPress blog to be integrated into e-commerce shops
Benefits of WordPress Magento Integration
  • Add unlimited Magento products to WordPress pages and posts
  • Attract more customers by promoting online store using a custom WordPress blog
  • Easily select the JavaScript and CSS files to be loaded with your WordPress template or theme
  • Add extra JavaScript and CSS files from Magento installation
  • Customize the display of products on WordPress pages
  • Get the default Blocks into WordPress theme
  • Bring out any static blocks which you have made in the e-commerce admin area
  • Add content in WordPress blog right from the admin panel
  • Add images, videos to online store
  • One click login to WordPress admin via Magento admin
  • Streamline Magento customer and WordPress user information
  • Single sign-in feature for your customers
  • Choose which top links to show (in case you are using that particular block)
WordPress Integration into Multiple Magento Stores
Do you run multiple online stores selling different products? Want an exclusive WordPress blog for each store? Well, our WordPress integration with multiple online stores solution is exactly what you require.

We help create multiple blogs from a single WordPress installation. Multiple WordPress blogs can be easily managed from a single dashboard allowing you to have complete control over content and other aspects.