WordPress is a great tool for blogging and building websites. Also, there are wordpress plug-ins which further increase the effectiveness of the entire wordpress platform. Here are some wordpress plug-ins which are not widely used. However, these can be very much useful of your wordpress site of blog.

Custom Query String

Are your facing difficulties in regulating the number of posts on your wordpress blog? Want a great solution for that? Well, then the Custom Query String will solve all your problems. It is very much possible of blog owners who want to display a limited number of posts on the Homepage while displaying a larger list for the categories, archives or search results pages, and this is not possible through the control panel. This plug-in allows you to configure this number individually for each page type.

Head Meta Description

This plug-in is quite easy to install and use. What it does is, it creates a dynamic Meta Description Tag for every page on your blog, based on post excerpts or on the first words of the page.

Clean Archives

Various blogs have a section called “Monthly Archives” on their sidebar. It displays a huge list of months. Now, this does waste your space. What you can have is a single page where all the posts are displayed, month by month. Clean Archives does this for you.


This plug-in enables PHP code on all the pages of your blog. There are similar plugins available, but this one is the most reliable.

Enforce www. Preference

If your site can be accessed through http://www.domain.com and http://domain.com you might have some problems over the long run. Now, various search engines treat those addresses as two different domains, splitting your back link count. For solving this issue you need to setup a 301 Permanent Redirect.

There are several ways to setup this redirect, but in case you are not familiar with PHP or if your host is not Linux based (for the .htaccess file) this plugin represents the simplest one. All you need to do is just activate it and all the visitors and search bots will get redirected to the address that is specified on the WordPress control panel.

Chunk URLs

This plug-in is the answer to the awkward URLs that people post in your comment section. These URLs often break the design of your website on certain browsers. Chunk URLs will trunk those long URLs into smaller ones, and you can even specify the amount of characters that the output should contain.


Sploggers are feed sealers and they are spreading out like never before. The first measure to protect your content is to add a copyright notice to your feed, possibly with a link pointing to your site. Sig2feed is an extremely light plug-in that solves this purpose.

Feed Smith

Often known as the Feed burner Feed Replacement Plug-in, this one forwards all the requests for your WordPress feed to Feed burner. It is very useful in case you started using Feed burner after having some subscribers, or if you want to make sure that your feed statistics are completely accurate.

Jerome’s Keywords

A very user friendly plug-in, this allows you to tag individual posts and create an internal tag system and tag clouds. One can also use it to generate a dynamic Meta Keywords Tag.


This one helps in reducing page load time by generating static HTML files from your dynamic blog. This HTML file is cached on the web server and rather than loading heavy PHP scripts, the browser swiftly loads these light weight static HTML files. As a result, your server does not \ remains busy as before and will serve more visitors.

Posted in Plugins on 28, Nov 2011